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Picadillo de Madero Negro

From the same trees that fences are created, a traditional Costa Rican recipe from its flowers can be cooked. 

Picadillo de Madero Negro


2 cups of flowers of Madero Negro

1/2 cup of onion

1/2 bell pepper

1/3 of cilantro 

2 eggs

Salt and pepper



Place flowers in water for 20 minutes, then boil them for half an hour. 

Cut the lower part of the flower, leaving only the petals. Cut these up. 

In a pan, mix together the onion and bell pepper. Add salt and pepper. Then, slowly incorporate the flowers until they turn brown. 

Add the eggs and mix them.

Turn off heat and add cilantro, mix again. 

Serve as a "gallo" (taco) with tortillas

What does it mean to share? Can we break physical and social barriers by giving and receiving nature?

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