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C Y C L E D :

Move in or follow a regularly repeated sequence of events

E N T R O P Y :

Lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder

This project reflects on the societal physical and mental barriers created by humans to contain and control nature. It expresses the connections between nature and humans as controlled living organisms in a structured society covered by lines, fences and boxes.

As nature, the creating process for each project evolved by an organic flow that followed no sequence, rules or expectations but always closely related to one another.

Questioning traditional art ideals through my exploration of a sustainable cycle which involved the man-made forms of human aesthetics, authorship, climate change, nature, food and finally completing the cycle by breaking barriers when connecting and sharing with humans.

An endless cycle of understanding the abstract notions of tangible and intangible fences and how to disrupt them.


Thesis Project Spring 2021  by Alexa Barboza for more information please visit 

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