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S A N T A   M A R Í A 

Waking up with a fake smile everyday day. She got ready to go to church at 6:00 while the rest of the men in town stayed sleeping till 9:30. But today was a different day, today she decided to try out what the other girls suggested. How nice would it be to look like the American girls from Tuesday’s movies?

“If you put 7 drops of lime every morning in your eyes, your brown eyes will turn blue as the sky” was the girl’s advice.

As she secretly took one lime, cut in half, squeezed in a jar, she realized she was running out of time. Like the good girl she was, she started praying out loud, hoping God would hear her and forgive her for her vanity and sins. “Padre nuestro que estas en el cielo santificado sea tu nombre…”

Waking up with a fake smile every day. She opened her eyes each morning to welcome those good miraculous lime drops. This time, with four young kids, one on the way and a husband who worked all day, she wondered if this advice was all a mistake.

She looked in the mirror and all she could see were her two dark brown eyes, tired, wrinkled, and sad that waited till 4 p.m. to serve her husband a cup of dark brown coffee every day.

As she prayed out loud to Maria this time “Ave María madre de Dios ruega por nosotros los pecadores…”

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